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At Auto Solutions of Ormond Beach, Florida, we will run your complete auto diagnostic from top to bottom and left to right to inform you everything there is to know about your vehicle. We generate a vehicle report, take that information, and create two lists for you. The first list will be a list of anything that considers the safety of your vehicle. A list of preventative maintenance that will prevent your vehicle from breaking down or adding further damage to the vehicle down the road. The second list consists solely of things considered cosmetic repairs, such as scratches or dents but is still essential fixes because they can affect resale value. We take pride in our work at Auto Solutions of Ormond Beach, Florida. Auto Solutions is built with the idea that every customer needs to be treated like an individual, not just another sale. We have made it our goal to provide each customer with excellent service by listening to customers’ concerns, answering questions thoroughly, suggesting solutions without being pushy, and reviewing any available warranty options for customers interested in protecting their investments.

Shuttle Service & Finance Availability

At Auto Solutions of Ormond Beach, Florida,
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Even though it can be a headache, we sometimes know repairs can take longer than expected, or repairs are needed immediately; our team offers free shuttle service within the local area of Ormond Beach, Florida. We also want you to feel as comfortable about your car repair bill as possible–we offer financing at 0% interest for six whole months on approved credit! The best part? Our facility has state-of-the-art tools and diagnostics equipment which help us easily fix nearly any vehicle or model while making sure they are safe too.

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Here at Auto Solutions of Ormond Beach we offer a very different approach to automotive service and repair. To find out how, please feel free to contact us!

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